India: Day By Day - Emmelina Finighan

Day 47

Festival time in Bundi. I went down to the street to watch the festival as it passed by the guesthouse and to photograph an amazing procession in the street, camels in full dress misbehaving, brightly colored floats adorned in flowers being pulled along by old diesel tractors, the streets aglow with lanterns and previously unseen fairy lights - but instead I was dragged into the frey. "No photos! Photos later! Now is time for dancing! Dance, dance!" Drums pounding and brass horns blasting. Ushered along, Indian women fighting over who would get the next dance, hands clutching my arms, waist, shoulders, whilst being showered with rose petals from the balconies above. Ridiculous fun. Finished with the blurriest set of photos in history and a huge swell in my heart for the people of Bundi.